The jewelry that will be needed in the future

Hello, this is Konishi.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and patronage in 2022.


In the previous article, we wrote that in 2021 we focused more than ever on workshops, but I think it was a year in which the significance and enjoyment of experiences was reaffirmed, and at the same time, the meaning of owning things was often questioned.


At shop, we often heard voices as below.

‘I started to discern about what I truly want.’

‘Now I choose things that I will cherish for long.’… This is probably what many people are feeling, not limited to our customers.

‘I became interested in jewelry to which I had been indifferent before.’…This was a bit surprising, or rather, it made me rethink the meaning of jewelry.



Today, we will examine what kind of jewelry is required at hum at a time when people are looking for things that they truly want and will cherish for a long time.

By analysis of the past 3 years data, 2 trends were revealed.

・The universal and unchanging appeal of the humete classic

・An increase in the remodelling needs

Let’s take a look at each of them.



Within the mere 3 years, the values of the world have changed dramatically. Slowly but steadily, humete classic hoop earrings and bangles continued to grow popularity.


The humete classic collection, which has been gaining fans since its launch in 2016, continues to grow in popularity and has become a standard item. It's amazing to see that the ‘eternal standard’ that the designer envisioned a few years ago is still supported by so many people.

In the last year or 2 in particular, we have seen more requests for engraving, hoping to pass onto their own children. We believe the jewelry pieces are being ordered with a view to passing them on from generation to generation, and to preserving a formless memory.

A masterpiece that tells us that a truly essential item will transcend time and will never fade away. The Covid disaster, which highlighted the difference between the real and the fake, did not diminish the brilliance of the product.


The number of remodels in 2021 was about 200% in relation to the previous year. As a rule, remodeling requires a visit to hum JINGUMAE atelier & shop, so it is natural that the number of remodeling requests has increased as the regulations related to Covid have been eased.

However, even when compared to the year before last, which is before Covid hit the world, this is a growth of almost 1.5 times, which confirms that it is time to look at what we have and think about how we can make the most of it.

Remodel is closely related to inheritance. In all the cases we have introduced in this article, the client wanted to make the most of the jewelry they had inherited.

Remaking what has been left by previous generations and passing it on to the next, and the next... This is one of the intrinsic charms of jewelry, and demand that will undoubtedly increase in the future.



How did you feel?

What these two trends have in common is ‘a long-term perspective to transcends generations’ and ‘a meaning of passing on feelings’.

In short, there is a need for jewelry that possess both ‘timeless value’ and ‘a personal story’.



Of course, this is a trend seen at hum and we cannot be sure about other brands, but we believe there is probably not a big difference.

Jewelry that can't be imagined becoming an antique in 100 years time, or jewelry that is not known of; who it was made for, why it was made or how it was made, may not be needed in the near future, I imagine...



Lastly, in light of this, we would like to talk about a new trend that we are already starting to see, although it may be my personal opinion.


The ‘REFINE METAL Collection’, our first jewelry collection made entirely of REFINE METAL, was launched in May 2020 at DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA.


Honestly speaking, we expected it would take some time for people to accept the concept so we are surprised by the surprisingly fast response. What was particularly striking was the noticeable increase in response from early June 2021 (after the lifting of the emergency declaration).

I felt that there was an air of demand for strong design driven by social situation, but more and more people were referring purely to the activity of the REFINE METAL PROJECT and the all-handmade production process, which means that involvement in society and enthusiasm for product making were regarded more important than ever.

With the release of ‘THE SYMBOL OF REFINED METAL’ in November, we feel that the appeal of REFINE METAL has been made available to a whole new audience.

At hum, some jewelry is made with REFINE METAL and some is not, and we are still developing, but in the future we hope to make all jewelry with REFINE METAL.

REFINE METAL, which focuses on the important resource of urban mines and reveals the source of precious metals, it is undoubtedly the most suitable jewelry material for the future.

We believe that REFINE METAL, which is gradually spreading, will and should spread to vaster audience in the future, and that ‘being REFINE METAL’ will be newly added to the requirements for jewelry in the future.



‘Having timeless value’

‘Having a personal story’

and ‘Being REFINE METAL’

From now on, why not choose your jewelry on the basis of these 3 elements.




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