A Touch of the Extraordinary

Hello, this is Konishi.



I once had the following conversation with a customer.

‘You also need a piece that you would dare to wear, aside from daily use.’

‘It's not that I don't have the opportunity to wear it, it's that I need to make the opportunity to wear it.’


This particular customer wears the humete ‘classic’ small hoop earrings for everyday use and the voluminous humete ‘bauhaus’ hoop earrings when she wants to create a stronger style, using the earrings for different purposes.


When she tried on the pearl earrings, she liked them very much, but was unsure if she would ever have a chance to wear them and thus consulted me.


Certainly, if it was only for daily use, the already mentioned two earrings are enough. However, wearing something that you feel good about is genuinely uplifting, so I told her, ‘I would like you to dare to make a day of wearing pearls.’

The customer, seemingly convinced, decided to purchase pearl earrings, saying, ‘I want to have something special and different from what I usually wear’, taking into consideration about a few years later when her young daughter would be attending preschool and other events.



When I myself chose a pearl bracelet a few years ago, I thought to myself, ‘I may not wear it that often, but I'm going to ‘dare’ to wear it!’ I had not seen many pearl jewelry that were appealing to me, but I found the very one, so I decided to focus on the special feeling it gives when worn rather than how often it is used. On days when I dare choose to wear a pearl bracelet, I feel more elegant than usual.


Perhaps as it is a little different from my usual taste, it often catches people's attention and I receive compliments.

It is worn less frequently than other pieces, but the result is just as satisfying.



Jewelry that is worn with various thoughts should have both everyday and extraordinary aspects.

Jewelry that matches your usual self is, of course, necessary, but having jewelry for a slightly different self than usual, you can adapt it to suit all occasions and motivations.


Extraordinary is not only about special parties and occasions.

For example, an important business meeting where you need to behave in a dignified manner. A dinner with friends you haven't seen in a while.

Even an ordinary day can be made a little more special with a change of jewelry.



Many of hum’s jewelry are good for daily use, but among them are ones with delicate materials like pearls or with strong design features, which may often give the impression of ‘Well, I don't have anywhere to wear them.’

However, if you still like it, we would like you to enjoy it as ‘a touch of the extraordinary’.

It can turn on your switch for work, or set the mood for a meeting with someone precious…The act of wearing a special piece of jewelry has such effects.


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