How we create, how we buy

Hello, this is Konishi.


Previously I had a chance to speak to Ms. Chizuru Atsuta, the chief editor of ‘FraU’ magazine's SDGs special issue, for the ‘JEWELRY LAB.’ online salon.

The theme of the talk was ‘The Realities of SDGs and Craftsmanship’. Ms. Atsuta, who has been covering the SDG initiatives around the world, made the following comment regarding the future of creators.

‘The important thing now is not ‘what we make’, but ‘how we make it’.’

I nodded deeply on this word.

From a certain point in time, hum has made it a rule to ensure that all new products are ‘handmade without casting and made exclusively from REFINE METAL’.


When you are confronted with a piece of jewelry in which the creator's philosophy has permeated every corner, you feel that nothing else is necessary anymore.

It is not only the storytelling that is required, but also the purpose, the people, the organisation, the materials, and the methodology to create a new product. Without this perspective, it is no longer possible to make a living from craftsmanship in modern age, when supply far exceeds actual demand.

We believe that whatever the form, people will only be moved and truly need a thing when they can emphasize with it including its background.



In May, under the emergency declaration, while the statement of our representative, Sadakiyo, posted on Instagram created a stir, a customer who sympathised with the message sent a message to my Facebook page as below.

‘The ‘passion’ and ‘love’ felt from hum sales staff and craftsmen is all the same for me, even though I live in a rural area and mainly shop online.’ ‘I have absolute faith in the hum brand, whether I buy in a store or by online.’

I felt very honored that the philosophy of the representative and designer, as well as the thoughts of each craftsman and salesperson, were reaching the local customers.

I was reaffirmed that carefully communicating the philosophy and background of the brand is vital, and the presence of those who understood the true essence of hum via online communication was a great source of emotional support during the leave period.

We think that the beauty and perfection of jewelry is an extension of how it is created and sold. It is not that one is more important than the other, not that both are equally important.

The fact that everything from the production background to the sales methods is designed in one continuous flow is what makes hum jewelry complete and beautiful.


We think about ‘how to make’ and ‘how to sell’ all the time, but I believe that consumers have the same perspective on ‘how to buy’.

In fact, when I shop as a consumer, 'how to buy' is of great importance. Having said that, I am not a stoic and conscious consumer, as I also use Uniqlo and often buy paid plastic bags…

Nevertheless, I feel exceptionally attached to things I bought from people I trust at brands and shops I can sympathize with. How we create.


How we buy. We believe these values will be a shared awareness among the people who love hum.



Thank you for staying with us until the end. Instagram and facebook are also being updated.