Jewelry worth talking about

Hello, this is Konishi. It is a pleasure to be able to share something you love with others. We feel grateful when we receive comments on our posts on Instagram and when we see our customers talking about their jewelry.

This is a bit off topic, but I started writing this blog triggered by a certain comment I received from our representative Sadakiyo.

I have written about it in the Facebook group, but I will not share it here as it is personal. However, Sadakiyo's words are just one of the many reasons.

All along I wanted to make people more deeply aware of the fascination of hum jewelry. Concepts and manufacturing aspects are often invisible from a quick look at a product. However, knowing these aspects which cannot be understood from a quick glance can provide clues to logically understand why the design is superior, which leads us to empathize with the thoughts that are put into the jewelry, raising the value of the jewelry by multiple times.

There's so much more to hum jewelry than meets the eye, but it's not being conveyed well enough... I'd be happy if I communicate in words its attractions other than its appearance, and more people were captivated by hum jewelry just like I am! It was with this in mind that I began the blog.


Good quality is now a matter of course that it is harder to encounter inferior products. To put it another way, even accessories costing a few thousand yen should pose no problem when worn.

With a certain level of quality guaranteed everywhere you look, what criteria are used to select things... First of all, of course, those that are in line with your own tastes and preferences.

Next, the background of the product. The passion put into the product and the story behind it is what differentiates it from others, and I feel this is a very important factor when choosing a product. Now that supply far exceeds demand, I believe people are no longer attracted to superficial beauty.

As store manager Iwasaki said in this article,

,when you have a lot of background to talk about what you choose to wear, it makes you feel proud. For example, the REFINE METAL Collection.

I am currently wearing a necklace from the collection, and recently ordered a ring as well.

・Sourcing of materials

・The production background that even considered the future of craftsmanship.

・A completely new chain structure

・Impactful, well-proportioned appearance

As you can see, there are many points about the REFINE METAL Collection that can be deeply explored, and I feel tempted to talk about them. (And so recommend to my customers.)



By the way, not so long ago, TV, magazines, and other media had a large influence and trends and preferences were clear. Nowadays, however, individuals are able to gather and spread information by themselves, and it seems that values have diversified with each person having a different yardstick.

This means that even among people who like the same thing, they interpret it in different ways.


-As values have become so diverse, someone's critique no longer has much meaning. However, because each person has a different interpretation, the critique acts as a catalyst to bring individuals together, even if the substance of the critique is slightly different. - I read a book in the past that said this which reexamined the meaning of critique.


Not only the REFINE METAL Collection, but hum jewelry has so much that makes you want to talk about it. The philosophy, the production background, the passion and thoughts, the design, the styling...

It is of our joy if you could enjoy our jewelry from various perspectives, share your enjoyment, critique, and talk about your feelings about it with others around you. We believe this will create new connections and lead to discovery of different ways to enjoy it.


We would be honored if the content that we post on our blog and elsewhere can be one of the triggers for this.

Thank you for staying with us until the end. Instagram and facebook are also being updated.