Alternative Standard

Hello this is Konishi.


As we wrote about the ‘universal and unchanging appeal of humete classic’ in our article of the week before last, we received a much greater response than expected. Maybe it's because more and more people want to distance themselves from trends and choose things from a long-term perspective.

The humete classic collection with minimalist design is recommended for all seeking a timeless ‘eternal standard’. Why not order with your own thoughts and wishes for the next generation?


Today, we will consider ‘alternative standards’, derived from ‘eternal standards’.


We are sure that the humete classic collection will continuously be loved for a long time, but there should be a room for an alternative = ‘a new choice to replace the mainstream’.

For those who are already using humete classic, or for those who are interested in humete classic but wondering for other possibilities, we would be happy to introduce something different.


Imagining this way, it seems that the key word is ‘penetration of REFINE METAL’, which we wrote about at the end of the last article.

Refined from waste instead of natural resources, REFINE METAL is certain of its origin and can be said as an alternative to precious metals, the origin of which no one has a knowledge.


Now, we would like to introduce you to some of the alternative ‘standard’ items of jewelry made of REFINE METAL.

・humete combination bangle

From the humete combination collection, in which two colors of golds are laminated together, one can feel the warmth and overwhelming sense of dignity, special to all handmade forging.

The smooth oval shape without any clasp is a sight to behold, and the weight of the bangle is comfortable to wear. The elegance and dignity that makes you want to face quietly and keep its charm all to yourself.

A bangle to be cherished with a little tension, we propose it as another standard item that can replace the humete classic bangle.

Layered with the humete chain bracelet, it has a stunning feel.


・rosecut diamond pierced earrings


The rosecut collection, which makes the most of the transparency and hidden brilliance of rose-cut diamonds, also features a design in which two colors of gold are attached.

The subdued color of the white gold enhances the look of the rosecut diamonds. It is hum's specialty to use very small brilliant-cut melee diamonds, set tightly and blend them into the design, but this design, which captures and highlights the characteristics of the diamond, also shows a great sense of taste and balance.

If ‘simple gold hoop earrings’ aren't enough for you, why not set the standard with a pair of clever, but subtle, diamond earrings?



We are sometimes asked if collections other than REFINE METAL collection can be made with REFINE METAL.

As of now, many cannot be made with REFINE METAL, but the two collections ‘humete combination’ and ‘rosecut combination’ are all made with REFINE METAL.

Most of the items made by forging method use REFINE METAL, so if you want to choose REFINE METAL, please feel free to contact our staff.


Next, we propose an alternative ‘standard style’ by adding the REFINE METAL Collection to your standard items.

The design of the REFINE METAL Collection is a completely new original chain. This innovative design can be added to instantly make familiar items look fresh and new.

Here, we have added items from the REFINE METAL Collection to two of hum's super-standard bracelets.

・humete chain bracelet(et-BR64s)

・humete classic bangle(et-BR113m)



・REFINE METAL Collection chain ring(RF2020-R1C)

・REFINE METAL Collection chain bracelet(RF2020-BR4)

The uniqueness and volume of the REFINE METAL Collection enhances the universal appeal of standard items.


Hope you enjoyed.

As the previous article was about rethinking the essence of jewelry, this time we suggested new ways to enjoy wearing and styling jewelry.

Why not have a thought on the alternative standards introduced in this article to suit your own style.



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