Ten Rings


KUMO Collection

If a single thin, delicate ring is a cloud, ten rings in a row are rain. A story of clouds overlapping to turn into rain is portrayed in a simple piece of jewelry.

t starts with producing ten strands of rings to make ten rings. Gold wire is rounded and blazed to form rings, which are then cut and reassembled by connecting the same parts again. To ensure that the size is just right when 10 rings are stacked, each ring is made in a larger size and are meticulously crafted with attention to detail. When worn on the finger, the rings move softly along with the finger, creating a voluminous yet comfortable fit. The bracelet is designed with a series of small rings and diamonds. The diamonds are bezel set to minimize snagging, and carefully designed to shine through from the back of the bracelet. Please enjoy the dainty sparkle that shimmers with every movement of the wrist.