Lace Pierced earrings

K18YG/K18WG/Brown Diamond

Lace Collection
“Deco Lace 2”
2018 Spring & Summer

The social situation 100 years ago and the modern world are alike. We have upheld the theme of "Deco Lace" for 2018 S/S, following on from previous season, as we are attracted to designs carrying strength of will, like the Art Deco jewelry popular 100 years ago.

This collection reinterprets and takes a deep dive into the hallmarks of Art Deco jewelry. We created sophisticated designs in a simple structure, such as combination or stacking of triangular, faceted lines. For example, T-bar rings and bracelets, with their exquisite ensemble of geometric forms and sharp straight lines, express a functional beauty like never before. The combination of brown diamonds and white gold gives an oriental feel. The jewelries are suitable for layering and will accentuate the wearer’s personality and style.