Lace Collection

K18GG / Pt950 / Diamond

In 2005 we launched our very first collection, the lace collection.
Since then, we have gained attention by small steps and was able to continue the brand.

After fifteen years, we are reinterpreting the collection to present a new version of lace.
In the new collection, we kept the concept of ‘Garland style in a casual way‘, but intertwined our mature ideas and techniques nurtured in the past 15 years.

Lacy garland patterns, dazzling diamonds, fine mil-grain.
Garland style jewelry with splendor and grace is defined as one of the finest in its long history.
We try to incorporate this artistic beauty into daily life, offering a contemporary style.

The garland style is a symbol of that era. The world has changed drastically before and after. We saw yet again another big change in 2021. We believe it is the creators’ mission to update the values of jewelry at this key historical moment.

We hope this lace collection will give an opportunity to discover the value of handmade jewelry created by an enthusiastic team and to question the outdated approach of mass production.
-Jewelries that symbolize this particular era and change the world – that is the belief in this creation with no exaggeration.