One Off Kundan Ruby

K22YG /Ruby

New values are created as a product of a great deal of time and effort.

Many colored gems are cut with a particular emphasis on "thickness", as deep, dark tones are widely considered beautiful and valuable.This may make sense if the gem itself is to be appreciated.
However, when it comes to jewelry, its thickness often interferes with freedom of design and wearability.
Is it possible, then, to achieve a thin cut and the charm of a deep, dark color at the same time?

Thin, pale rubies without heat treatment or impregnation.
The ruby ring in this collection was created using the "kundan" technique, where polished platinum is applied to the back of the stone, giving the stone a blinking effect just like a mirror.
Each ruby is selected with care by placing on the platinum and checking its brilliance, and with the kundan technique to create a synergy between the gem and the metal, giving the pale color a contoured and deep glow.