Call to action

To jewelry manufacturers and brands

We invite companies and brands to actively communicate that you use REFINE METAL and to put our logo on products and packaging as an added value, to appeal that you manufacture in socially and environmentally friendly processes.

To companies engaged in the purchase, collection and refining of precious metals

Let’s disclose the fact that most base metal in circulation is REFINE METAL and communicate it as an added value and advantage.
It may not be easy to completely distinguish between refined metals from urban mines and those from import or natural mines, or to decide to handle solely refined metals from urban mines.
However, we believe that it will be an attempt with significant long-term benefits to advocate clear and clean business activities in the precious metals distribution industry, which is generally perceived as 'opaque in terms of distribution processes and background, and unable to understand what is happening', combined with its financial value.

To trading companies and importers of precious metals

It is believed that urban mines lie not only in Japan, but also across the world, mainly in developed countries.
Trading companies and importers, who have a worldwide network and act as a bridge for the global distribution of precious metals, can act to spread the concept of metal recycling to the jewelry sector, beyond industrial and production purposes. This shall then have an impact on the world's top Maisons and luxury brands. The effort and risks involved may not be small compared to metals extracted from mines. However, we believe that the total value is significant considering the mining process, including the workers, equipment and time involved. As an evangelist of REFINE METAL proposed from Japan, the leading player of urban mining, why not share the word and the logo with the world?

To jewelry consumers

In today’s world where concepts of eco-friendliness, ethics and social responsibility are expected of all industries, precious metals are considered a typical genre of luxury goods, seemingly at the opposite end of the spectrum. However, there are abundant ‘resources’ in this country, in circulation that can overturn this image from the root.

However, currently this is not expressed openly. This is because the term "recycled precious metal" is not thought to have a positive image as a jewelry material, but rather negatively affect the manufacturer and the seller.
Recycled precious metals, once refined, cannot be distinguished from those from the natural mine. Thus we see a vital importance in making a clear distinction between products made from REFINE METAL and those that are not, and inform our customers about their value and actively claim them. If consumers recognize this as an added value, give preference to it, and seek, then refiners, dealers, manufacturers and brands will all advocate the use of REFINE METAL. We believe that this movement will bring social recognition to the whole precious metals industry and will lead to the development of the industry in a better direction. It is our hope for you to be interested in knowing the existence of this precious metal and the jewelries made from it, and that the keyword REFINE and its logo will be widely used.