Our goal


Local production for local consumption of jewelry, using materials that circulate domestically, not from mines in distant countries. As a company whose creed is craftsmanship, it is one of hum's missions to spread and enlighten the world about this quality recycling that is unique to precious metals.  
It is not our goal to continue this project as a business tool. It is not our nature, for example, to mass-produce and sell jewelry made from recycled metals and make a large profit at the same time as spreading the intentions. The purpose of this project is to spread our keyword, REFINE, the significance and value of recycling metals from urban mines, and to change the mindset of the precious metals industry and all those involved in the jewelry business.

For example, if, as a result of the widespread recognition of this project and its significance within and outside the industry, an official mark is born to prove that REFINE= a refined metal, and if all metals recycled from urban mines are stamped with the mark and circulated, just like the recycling mark is today, then we can say this project has been accomplished.

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